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As my business continues to grow, I purchased my second unit from Mobile Lube Systems. Now that I have a system from two different companies, I can tell you the difference is night and day. My first system cost thousands more and had all cheap parts down to the hoses with hose clamps. My second system used high end parts down to hydraulic hoses with swivel fittings and larger GPM pumps costing thousands less for complete unit from MLS. My next purchase will be a no brainer. Thanks MLS! A. 

I have been working with Mobile Lube Systems for over a month. Its hard to put into words how easy they make the process of getting all the back office to include marketing and customer set ups while the install takes place. Last week was the delivery of the system which they nailed! When the doors opened on the van I was blown away how great everything looked along with the equipment purchased. Before I decided to go with Mobile Lube Systems, I did a lot of research and priced other equipment. I kept coming back to Mobile Lube Systems wondering how they could do everything for 3-6k less than everyone else and provide more than the equipment? I loved how they always said we want to earn your business. For everything I received along with a year of support, it was the best decision of my life. K  

Thanks Mobile Lube Systems for building my own company! I have wanted to create a business like this for years and finally decided to do something that was recession proof. Everything you offer and have delivered is amazing and its all mine! R

I just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you again. Not only did you deliver on everything you stated but all the additional work paid off immediately along with saving me 3k on a trailer set up. With this work load we will be buying another machine in the next few months. S

I was in the market for equipment to service our trucks when I ran across Mobile Lube Systems. I needed something to travel to a remote site for services. I priced similar capacity product and decided to go with Mobile Lube Systems Elite 5 unit. After taking delivery and putting it to use, I am hear to report this equipment is bullet proof. Our equipment is getting serviced during down time not effecting hours of service which is big to us. Not only did we save 5 grand by purchasing from MLS but they even assisted us in getting a lower bulk oil price for the company. Job well done. Maintenance MGR